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Healing Tips

Words of wisdom from Steelton Family Practice’s Dr. Shaikh, who happens to be a published author of the book Healing Tips for the Mind, Body, and Soul.

Thanksgiving healing Tip

Each human is a treasure and a mirror. Each human   inspires me, and   I learn and thankful for each encounter. E ach human is a mirror remind me of my shortcomings, give me my homework to improve myself and be thankful to the encounter. I cannot imagine   a better...

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Root Cause

Correct diagnosis is 99% of the total treatment. What is the root cause of illness?

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Letter to Lucifer

From Arif M Shaikh   R.Ph..  M.D. To   Ex Lucifer  Present   Devil. Dear  Ex Lucifer/Devil, I  read your letter you  send  to LORD and copy to all humans. I am a Physician,  I  see  you are  very sick and I can help you. If you do not have Insurance  I will treat you ...

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Perfect Marriage

To have perfect marriage become Mister or Miss Perfect. Take true love ❤️  pill 💊  daily to stay a perfect husband. True love ❤️ is a bitter pill hard to swallow but makes me perfect. Turn life into heavenly no side effects reported. PS: take true love ❤️ pill every...

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Bad or Good

I use to think 🤔 smoking is bad. The more I try to quit, the more I end up smoking. I realized that I am bad and thinking is bad. I stopped thinking and to my surprise, I stopped smoking. Moral - do not think 🤔. If you think some one and something is good or bad. Ask...

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I discovered everyone is a genius. If I stay SILENT and LISTEN, I will learn from everyone. Every time I do that I become a better person.

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Peace with SELF

I always had what I needed, but I was unaware of what I needed to do with myself. I have many wants, and my life become complicated. I started learning what I need to do. Now I know I have everything I need and know what I need to do and I have everything I always...

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I have two eyes and see two images. If my eyes do not agree, I can have double vision. I have only one heart and only see one image with my perfect vision. PS: When in doubt I close my eyes, and my vision becomes perfect.

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COVID Love bug or killer BUG

Is  COVID  is killer bug? Or COVID is a love bug? For me it is a love bug. Forced me to stay away from everyone, and spend more time alone, and I made a peace treaty with myself. I am living in peace and life is like honeymoon with myself and plan to lived happily...

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Peaceful New Year

I was so wrong all along. I wished a happy new year. Today I am peaceful and wish everyone a peaceful new year. Have peace with yourself and be on honey 🍯 moon 🌝 till death. Followed by an eternal honeymoon 🙏🏼

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