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Healing Tips

Words of wisdom from Steelton Family Practice’s Dr. Shaikh, who happens to be a published author of the book Healing Tips for the Mind, Body, and Soul.

Joe Smith

One of my patients Joe Smith (not the real name) said: Before I was too busy, never had time to exercise, now I have all the time, but too sick to exercise. Lesson for me: Make time to exercise, so I can continue to exercise, and live a healthy life.

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Jane Smith

Special thanks to Jane Smith (not real name) for being the inspiration to write this healing tip. My life was a nightmare, night terror also daymare and day terror. I lived in fear, fearful, revengeful, hateful and dysfunctional. This was just the tip of the iceberg....

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Joe Smith

Special thanks to Joe Smith (not real name) to be the inspiration to write me this healing tip. If I become the driver of my mind and know my destination, I will enjoy the journey and reach my destination, otherwise my mind will drive me crazy. PS: If I am not the...

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Check Before Doing

I used to do what I thought was right till I could not afford to do what I thought was right and paid with grief. Now I check before doing anything if I can afford it. I learned to do the right things, and live a happy life and in most cases end up being paid with...

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Extend Yourself

Being a physician, I have learned that to grow I have to extend myself. It is a painful feeling the pain of others, who sometimes do not feel their own pain. Love is the most powerful medicine help me grow and become better human being. Thanks to everyone for helping...

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Falling In Love

Falling in love is anti-love. A person who fall in love becomes the slave of the one whom that person fall in love with. True love giver is also a receiver, and the receiver becomes the receiver. If I truly love myself, I will eat healthily and exercise my mind and...

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Present Moment

The present moment is my most precious treasure. Capture the moment and use it wisely and it will become my best investment, guarantee a perfect future, otherwise like ice not used in time will be wasted. PS: Live in the moment and live the most successful life....

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Life is a Journey

My life is a journey. I never was, am, or will be alone. I have an invisible companion with me all along. I am getting aware of my companion and discovered that my companion is much wiser and start listening to my companion, take a moment to ask my companion’s opinion...

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Human Brain

Human brain has 2 parts; the conscious mind, and the unconscious mind. Unconscious mind control breathing, heart ❤️ beats, and other important necessary activities to keep us alive. Conscious minds keep us aware of what goes on in our life. The unconscious mind is a...

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After decades of being a Physician, I discovered root cause of sickness. Lack of self-love is the root cause, if left untreated it turns into self-hate and is much harder to treat. If I have a trace of hard feelings, I am sick and need treatment. Love is home grown...

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People are multi-dimensional. Therefore, we need to address our physical health, mental, emotional – and even spiritual health to achieve true overall wellness.

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