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Healing Tips

Words of wisdom from Steelton Family Practice’s Dr. Shaikh, who happens to be a published author of the book Healing Tips for the Mind, Body, and Soul.

Self Awareness

Jan 23, 2021

I work in the prison system and I come across amazing people. This one really stand out. First time I met him was 1998. I was impressed by his calm and peaceful personality. His charge was child molesting. I saw him couple times because he was beaten up by other inmates. Slowly he start opening up to me. Told me he has been beaten up punched even raped a couple times in prison. Initially it felt I am in a torture camp, I try to commit suicide, then I came to terms, I committed crimes towards others and I am paying for it.

I told him that each human is an angel before he or she enters a human body. That human is given a name just like people enter prison get a number for classification reason. During the life journey body get wild and got you in prison. Maybe prison is the best place for him to do soul searching because body is captive and being punished by other so you can feel the pain you inflicted to others and your body will become pure again. Now become a soul-driven angel and your body with follow angels commands and you will live a heavenly life. To my surprise he start working on himself.

One day he said I know why I went through what I am going through was a boot camp and my purpose to become angel again live a heavenly life.

In 2018, He was transferred and I lost contact. But I am sure where ever he is he will be living a heavenly life.

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