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Healing Tips

Words of wisdom from Steelton Family Practice’s Dr. Shaikh, who happens to be a published author of the book Healing Tips for the Mind, Body, and Soul.


Jun 24, 2019

Humans are the best creation, and most sophisticated and complex than anyone ever created or made. Human mind has more connections than the most sophisticated computer, rest of the body is not simple either. I end up learning from everyone. I am thankful to each one to help me learn grow and becoming more experienced physician after each encounter.

The most difficult patient is the one I see in the mirror, I can not teach him to unlearn the bad things he learned or teach him good things, more I learn from my patients, help me to make the peace treaty with him.

PS: I look back and realized that every encounter I ever had taught me the needed lesson, but I was not paying attention, and learned wrong things, and now to unlearn those thing are very very difficult.



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People are multi-dimensional. Therefore, we need to address our physical health, mental, emotional – and even spiritual health to achieve true overall wellness.

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