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Healing Tips

Words of wisdom from Steelton Family Practice’s Dr. Shaikh, who happens to be a published author of the book Healing Tips for the Mind, Body, and Soul.

Self Love ❤️

Jun 13, 2019

Healthy self love ❤️ is peace ☮️ with myself. Lead to have peace ✌️ with everyone.

Unhealthy self love ❤️ is anti-love form of narcissism, want to be better than others basically civil war within and life become a battlefield.

PS: Signing a peace treaty with myself is first step to heavenly life. Without self peace treaty live will become undeclared cold war and a living hell.

About Steelton Family Practice

Using our resources and expertise to help patients heal their “whole selves.” We use a patient-centered treatment approach to improve health outcomes, including traditional medicine, education, and more.

How Do You Heal?

People are multi-dimensional. Therefore, we need to address our physical health, mental, emotional – and even spiritual health to achieve true overall wellness.

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Check back regularly to find complement your traditional medical care with inspiration through Dr. Shaikh’s healing tips and insights for well-being.