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Healing for Mind, Body & Spirit

Offering a patient-focused approach to helping people live healthy, fulfilling and more connected lives. Learn more about Dr. Shaikh’s dedicated and unique approach, and how his healing tips can provide overall balance and optimal health by integrating a positive mental orientation.

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Who We Are

Dr. Shaikh

Launching his career as a pharmacist from 1974-1982, Dr. Shaikh ultimately attended medical school, completed his residency and his Fellowship in OB/GYN. Before opening his own practice, he served as Student/Resident Coordinator, Associate Director of Education in the OB/GYN department of Polyclinic Medical, and worked with KFK Associates.

Dr. Shaikh opened Steelton Family Practice & Wellness Center in 1997. His whole-person approach to treatment combines a range of pathways, including traditional medicine, education, self-care, and healing tips for the mind, body, and soul.

Dr. Shaikh’s Pledge, Today i pledge to…
Eat Healthy,
Excercise regulary and have a good night’s sleep.
Acquire knowledge to serve my patients and give them the best care.
Live long Learning and keep transforming with time.
Be the best doctor and the best human being possible.
Let my walk do the talking.

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Mind, Body, & Soul

Healing Tips

Adding to the depth of his practice, Dr. Shaikh offers tips to improve overall wellness and insight in support of a meaningful life.

Peace with SELF

I always had what I needed, but I was unaware of what I needed to do with myself. I have many wants, and my life become complicated. I started learning what I need to do. Now I know I have everything I need and know what I need to do and I have everything I always...

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I have two eyes and see two images. If my eyes do not agree, I can have double vision. I have only one heart and only see one image with my perfect vision. PS: When in doubt I close my eyes, and my vision becomes perfect.

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COVID Love bug or killer BUG

Is  COVID  is killer bug? Or COVID is a love bug? For me it is a love bug. Forced me to stay away from everyone, and spend more time alone, and I made a peace treaty with myself. I am living in peace and life is like honeymoon with myself and plan to lived happily...

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